You are not buying this theme. This is only a preview for 5sec Link Remover WordPress plugin which works exactly the same in all themes.

Links are not getting modified!

You’re probably logged in as an administrator and expecting to see link modification results for guests. The easiest way to test results for multiple users is to open the site in another browser. Ie if your primary browser is Firefox and you’re logged in as administrator, open the site in IE and you’ll be able to see it trough the eyes of a guest user.

Will this plugin slow my site down?

As long as you have valid HTML in your post/page content and a reasonable amount of links per post (less than 100) you wont see any changes in your site’s behaviour.
Please note that valid HTML is crucial for plugins proper functioning. By “valid HTML” we’re in no way implying any strict rules just proper tags syntax.

When should I use the shortcode?

Shortcodes are used on a per-post basis. When using the shortcode be sure to disable Link Remover for that post. Use shortcodes if you don’t want all links in a post processed.
Please note that using both global link control and shortcodes in the same post will result in unexpected behaviour because your links will be processed twice.