You are not buying this theme. This is only a preview for 5sec Link Remover WordPress plugin which works exactly the same in all themes.

All plugin settings are located under WP admin – Tools – 5sec Link Remover (screenshot).

Link processing rules order

Rules are applied on user groups in the following order:

  1. guests – not logged in visitors
  2. subscribers – logged in members with “subscriber” role
  3. custom role – logged in users with specified role
  4. all other visitors/groups not covered by above definitions

Link processing actions

  • do not alter links in any way – no changes are made
  • completely remove links, including link text – <a> tag is completely removed
  • remove links but leave link text as plain text – <a> tag is converted to plain text
  • alter links using advanced rules – see below

Using advanced rules

  • link href attribute – leave it blank if you want to convert link to plain text. You can use variables noted below to created dynamic link processing rules. Ie use: “/gateway.php?url={href-enc}” to point all your links trough a single gateway while sending the original link as a GET parameter to that script. If you want to keep the link element but have it do nothing use “#”. If you want to redirect all users to a log in form use “/wp-login.php”
  • link text – same logic applies as for the href attribute. Ie use “{text} (link removed, please log in)” to notify users they have to login before they can see the link.
  • link type – all, internal, external. External links are all links that start with “http(s)” but not with your blog’s URL, ie Using this option you can process only external (outgoing) links and leave the internal ones unchanged.
  • skip links with specified class – all links with the class you define will be skipped and left unchanged. This is useful for lightbox links or links that are not really links but only serve as placeholders for tooltips.

Variables for advanced rules

  • {href} – original href attribute
  • {href-enc} – original href attribute, URL encoded version
  • {text} – original link text
  • {text-enc} – original link text, URL encoded version
  • {link-type} – link type, “external” or “internal”
  • {post-id} – post/page ID the link is on; this variable is undefined in text widgets

Default settings

  1. guests – link href is replaced with “#”, “(link removed, please log in)” is appended to link text
  2. subscribers – links are not changed
  3. custom role – links are not changed
  4. all other visitors/groups – links are not changed

Using the shortcode

Shortcode [remove-links] (shortcode name can be changed in settings) uses the same link processing rules as the global script. The only difference is shortcode is applied only to selected text.
Please disable Link Remover in posts you use the shortcode to prevent double link processing.

Controlling Link Remover on a per-post basis

When editing any post/page/custom post type you’ll find the Link Remover settings box (screenshot) in the right column. Use the provided option to disable Link Remover for the selected post. Don’t forget to use this option when using shortcodes.